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Dude York – “Run” & “No One In My Life Can Hear Me Scream”

Dude YorkDude York haven’t put out a proper studio album since 2017’s Sincerely, but that doesn’t mean that the Seattle power-pop trio have been quiet. That same year, they released the full-length Christmas LP Halftime For The Holidays, and last year, they shared two standalone singles, “Moon” and “What WouldMore »

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Ty Segall Announces New Live Album Deforming Lobes, Releases “Love Fuzz”


Ty Segall and his Freedom Band have announced a new live album, following the release of last year’s covers album Fudge Sandwich. Recorded at Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom, the forthcoming Deforming Lobes features Segall and his backing group (Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly, and Ben Boye) performing songs from Segall’s discography, including selections from Melted, Emotional Mugger, Twins, Manipulator,


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Emma Thompson in ‘Late Night’ is the talk show host we deserve


Mindy Kaling loves romcoms. This is clear if you’ve seen her show, or read her books, or watched her interviews, or followed her tweets. 

No surprise, then, that the first movie she’s written follows the classic romcom formula, only applied to a passion for work rather than love. 

Like so many beloved romcoms, Late Night takes place in a version of New York City that’s slightly better than the one that exists in our reality. In this universe, a woman has hosted her own late-night talk show since the 1990s. And in this universe, an aspiring comedy writer can get a job at that show simply by appearing at the right time and demonstrating the right amount of pluck. Read more…

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Watch Massive Attack Perform Rarities And Covers At Mezzanine XX1 Tour Kickoff

Massive Attack’s 20th anniversary Mezzanine tour kicked off last night in Glasgow, and the group brought out a ton of rarities and new covers that bodes well for the many, many more dates they have to go. The performances see Massive Attack reuniting with “Teardrop” singer Liz Fraser, who helmed a … More »

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Tracy Morgan Stars In Parody Lou Bega Biopic Mambo No. 5

Tracy MorganA little bit of Lou Bega is all Tracy Morgan needs. The actor and comedian is currently in the midst of promoting his new movie What Men Want, which also features Erykah Badu. But during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, he also premiered the first trailer for another project of … More »

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