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The Capitol Theatre Announces Free Lettuce & The Motet Webcast

Watch a free webcast of Friday night’s Lettuce & The Motet show live from The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York.

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Bruce Springsteen Extends ‘Springsteen On Broadway’ Run Through December 2018

Bruce Springsteen has added 81 ‘Springsteen On Broadway’ performances that will span July 10 – December 15.

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Shy Layers – “Gateway”

When we last checked in on JD Walsh’s Shy Layers project two years ago, he was applying his ’80s-vintage ambient electronic pop to “mid-2000s machinima aesthetics” generated by the Second Life engine in the video for “Running.” Today he’s back with a great new song plus details on a new album. “Gateway,” from the … More »

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Marilyn Manson Teases New Music Video Featuring Courtney Love


Marilyn Manson‘s upcoming music video for “Tattooed in Reverse” will apparently star Courtney Love as his nurse. “Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse?” Manson said on Twitter. “Oh shit…I did.” The brief teaser for the Heaven Upside Down track shows Love wheeling Manson around, perhaps a reference to his now-infamous wheelchair performance from…


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Turtlenecked – “Underwear”

The last we heard from Harrison Smith’s Turtlenecked project was 2017’s Vulture, and later this year the Portland-based project will follow that up with a new EP, High Scores Of The Heart, which is being led off by the splendidly poppy “Underwear.” It’s a swirling, synth-heavy track about a high school romance sadly fated … More »

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Speedy Ortiz – “Lean In When I Suffer” Video

Last month, Speedy Ortiz announced their latest album, Twerp Verse, with a new song, “Lucky 88,” and today they’re back with another new one from it, “Lean In When I Suffer.” It’s a prickly rocker that takes the Sheryl Sandberg self-help mantra and applies it to the emotional labor we expend on others. “Now … More »

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