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2018 Music Power Couples Power Rankings

The conceit of this list is simple: Which music power couple dominated the year? In 2018, there is no easy answer. This, after all, was the year of Grusk, Pete & Ariana, and super secret weddings between men who write songs and play guitar and certified A-list actresses. I devised a complex, scientific formula to … More »

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Watch Priests Cover “Christmas Wrapping” At A 3rd Stereogum Christmas Show

Last week, a few hundred of us came out to hang out with us at our third annual Stereogum Christmas Show, and it fucking ruled. Priests, Empath, and Nervous Dater all played, and they all sounded titanic. As someone who spent seven hours on a train coming up to the show, … More »

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Lindsey Buckingham Reveals Stories Behind His Solo Songs And Whether He’ll Ever Rejoin Fleetwood Mac

“It certainly has been … a surprising year,” Lindsey Buckingham joked from the stage at Manhattan’s Town Hall last week. Fleetwood Mac’s erstwhile singer and guitarist is playing shows in support of Solo Anthology, a career-spanning collection that’s somehow his first-ever hits package 37 years into a successful solo career. The just-released 6xLP version of … More »

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Rico Nasty – “Guap (LaLaLa)” Video

Rico NastyRico Nasty’s impressive major label debut mixtape Nasty made it onto our list of the 50 Best Albums Of 2018 right and #50 and, honestly… it probably should have been higher. Shit bangs! Since the release of that tape, Rico’s been putting out some one-offs sporadically, including “Big DickMore »

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Prince Estate and Sony Announce Three New Album Reissues


In August, Prince‘s estate and Sony Legacy released 23 albums to streaming services from the late legend’s NPG Records catalog. That includes a treasure trove of rare post-1995 releases, some of which were only initially issued by mail-order to his fan club. Now, the estate and Sony have announced the first physical re-releases from that collection…


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Vampire Weekend Cover Bob Dylan’s “Jokerman,” Ezra Koenig Interviews Jokerman Font Creator


Ezra Koenig was the guest at GQ LIVE at Neuehouse Hollywood yesterday, where he surprised the audience with a Vampire Weekend performance. They covered Bob Dylan’s “Jokerman.” Over the past few weeks, Koenig has been sharing Instagram Stories of the whimsical ’90s font Jokerman in the wild, and resharing submissions from his followers. He even…